Energy Consents Unit


In Scotland, certain applications in relation to energy infrastructure are made to the Scottish Ministers for determination.


These cases are administered by the Energy Consents Unit. The following applications are considered by the Scottish Ministers:


Applications for consent for the construction, extension and operation of electricity generating stations with capacity in excess of 50 megawatts (applications below this threshold are made to the relevant local planning authority);

Applications for the installation of certain overhead electric lines and associated infrastructure;

Applications for necessary wayleaves to confer rights over land to install electric lines;

Compulsory purchase orders promoted under the Electricity Act 1989;

Applications for consent for large gas and oil pipelines.

Such applications cover new developments as well as modifications to existing developments. Applications below these thresholds are made to the relevant local planning authority. Applications for marine energy (e.g. wave, tidal and offshore wind) are made to Marine Scotland.


Applicants are made aware that there are new application submission and fee requirements as of 23 September 2019. The requirements can be accessed within the ‘Application and fee requirements’ document on the help page, link at the top of this screen.



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