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 Wind Farm (Generating station of >500 MW Capacity)
 Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm
  Dumfries and Galloway Council
 Rebecca Elliott
 CWL Energy Limited
 Caledonian Exchange , 19a Canning Street , Edinburgh , Scotland , EH3 8HE
 The proposed Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm is situated within Dumfries and Galloway, approximately 5 kilometres (km) south east of Moffat. The development will comprise 75 wind turbines and associated infrastructure including turbine foundations, crane hardstands, access tracks (new and existing), energy storage facilities, substation compounds, underground cabling, temporary construction compounds, and temporary borrow pits. Scoop Hill Community Wind farm will have an installed capacity of 525 Megawatts (MW) and will have an operational life of up to 40 years.
 12 Nov 2020