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 Limekiln Wind Farm Section 36C Variation Application
 Kari Clouston
 Infinergy Ltd
 Kari Clouston
 Limekiln Wind Ltd
 16 West Borough, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1NG
 The principal proposed variations of the Limekiln Wind Farm consent include: - Increasing the maximum tip height of all turbines to 149.9m; - Removal of one borrow pit; - Rerouting certain access tracks to take account of the removal of a borrow pit; - Increasing the operational period of the wind farm from 30 to 40 years; - Relocating the construction compound and increasing its size from 100m x 100m to 150 x 100m. - Relocating five water crossings and allowing for an additional two water crossings; - Increasing the size of the crane hardstandings from 40 m x 22 m to 40 m x 35 m; and - Removal of the permanent anemometer mast.
 21 Jul 2021